Editing Islamic Manuscripts on Science

Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation - 29th-30th November 1997 - English version

By Various ContributorsEdited by Yusuf Ibish
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This book holds 11 papers and studies that were presented in four sessions within the proceedings of the Fourth Conference of the Centre for the Study of Islamic Manuscripts (part of the Al-Furqān Foundation) on the topic of “Editing Islamic Manuscripts on Science”, such as mathematics, astronomy, medicine and other areas.
The first session looked at the manuscripts of science and their editing method. The second session focused on ‘The Editing of Manuscripts on Astronomy’. Several papers were presented which discussed in detail the editing of the major works in this field. Among these were the works of Thābit bin Qurrah, as well as the Andalucían and Maghreb manuscripts. The problem of critical verification of Zaij was also addressed. The third session looked at "The Editing of Manuscripts on Mathematics", which included several papers on geometrical figures in Arabic manuscripts and Ibn al-Haytham Works on Optics (al-Baṣariyāt).
The conference was concluded with two papers, one on “the Arabic Definitions of Scientific Terminology in Arabic Manuscripts” and the second on “The Editing and Publication of Manuscripts on Medicine”.


Foreword        Chairman

Preface            Editor

Introduction                 Director- General

The Significance of the Scientific Legacy                 Ibrahim Chabbouh

Conceptual Tradition and Textual Tradition: Arabic Manuscripts on Science         Roshdi Rashed

Focus: Manuscripts on Astronomy

Between Reproduction and Recovery: Notes on Editing Classical Arabic Manuscripts on Astronomy     Ahmad Dallal

Andalusian and Maghribī Astronomical Sources: What has been done and what remains to be done            Julio Samsό

A Preliminary Assessment of the Problems of Editing the Zīj al-Sanjarī of al-khazini       David Pingree

Le corpus des manuscrits arabes des œuvres d’astronomie de Thābit b.Qurra

Focus : Manuscripts on Mathematics

A propos des figures dans les manuscrits arabes de géométrie: l’exemple de Siğzī                Pascal Crozet

Remarks on the Manuscript Tradition of Some Optical Works of Ibn al-Haytham              Hossein Masoumi Hamedani

The Specific Case of Geometrical Manuscripts Using the Example of Manuscript B.N 2457 (Paris)         Hélène Bellosta

Focus: Manuscripts of Medicine

Le terme scientifique dans le patrimoine arabe manuscrit: problématique du passé et perspective de l’avenir           Ibrahim Ben Murad

The Editing and Publication of the Islamic Medicine Series: ’Ilm al-kīḥālah       Muhammad Ẓāfir al-wafāʾī

Appendix One

Biographical Notes on Contributors

Appendix Two

Distinguished Guest List


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