The Executive management

The Executive Management is the highest level of organisational management, responsible for the Foundation’s day-to-day activities. The Management hold specific executive powers conferred on it, with and by authority of the Board of Directors.

Members of the Executive Management:

Mr Sali Shahsivari
Managing Director of Al-Furqan
Dr Abbas Salih Tashkandi
Secretary General of the Mawsoa Centre

Staff Members

  • Mr Amgad Mohamed, Coordinator of the Cairo Office
  • Mrs Ayah El-Mawy, in charge of Operations & Marketing
  • Mr Cherif Mezghrani, in charge of Sales & Distribution
  • Mrs Karima Benaicha, in charge of Datasets & Online Database
  • Mr Mohamed Drioueche, in charge of Projects & Publications
  • Mrs Sue Nockall, in charge of Accounts & Human Resources
  • Ms Wafa Fatima Isfahani, in charge of Library & Special Collections

Al-Furqan's Offices

Al-Furqan’s headquarters is in London. It also has two other offices, one in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, and another in Cairo - Egypt.

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