National Days

National Days and our “World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts”

Al-Furqan's “World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts” flagship project is a Comprehensive Bibliographical Guide to the main collections of Islamic manuscripts in over 100 countries throughout the world; it offers a guide to these collections, and information on how to access them.
This Survey brings to light a wealth of information about 106 countries' collections of Islamic manuscripts, indicating:

• the cities & libraries that hold these manuscripts;
• the estimate number of manuscripts within each collection; …
• an overview about the topics and languages in which these manuscripts are written;
• the conditions in which these manuscripts are, and whether they have been catalogued and studied;
• the significance of each collection, highlighting the rare, most valuable, and oldest manuscripts.

To highlight each country's Islamic written heritage, we will be celebrating the National Days, by providing an insight into their Islamic manuscript collections.
Namely, on the occasion of the National Day of each particular country, we will publish an interactive summary of the country's surveyed Islamic manuscripts collection, with key facts and figures from the Foundation's published “World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts” (1994) , the only and unique survey to date.
We hope that this endeavour will not only shed light into the wealth and diversity of this shared Islamic written heritage in different countries around the globe, and raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding and studying this heritage, but it will also help in generating update for the content, data, key facts, and figures of this Survey…

Disclaimer: Please note that, the 'National Days' category is not meant to be an extensive / exhaustive list of all countries in the world, but, rather, it highlights only those countries that have been covered / included in the “World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts” (the flagship project undertaken by Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation between the years 1989 – 1994).

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