Maqasid Centre

The Centre for the Study of the Philosophy of Islamic Law

The Maqasid Centre concentrates on the study of the philosophy of Islamic law and its objectives. It aims at reviving the knowledge of maqasid (objectives) of Islamic law, in order to develop the process of ijtihad (free reasoning) and the renewal of Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence), its usul (fundamental theory) and Islamic thought in general, which should be practised by scholars. This revival depends primarily on a comprehensive understanding of maqasid and its prioritisation in practice. The correctness of rulings that are reached through ijtihad depends on the correctness of this understanding.

The Centre aims to broaden the horizons of knowledge for students of Islamic studies and encourages studies and research which contribute to the Islamic philosophy of law.

The Centre supports new research in the theories of priorities, utility, consequences and universal principles of Islamic law, and calls upon scholars and Islamic institutes of fatwa to illustrate the link between Islamic texts, fatwa and maqasid.

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