How Islamic Architecture Shaped Europe

Lecture by Diana Darke
Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

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"The Abbasid House of Wisdom: Between Myth & Reality"

Lecture by Prof. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu

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Kashf Al-Zunūn ‘An Asāmī Al-Kutub Wa Al-Funūn

The book, “Kashf al-ẓunūn ‘an asāmī al-kutub wa al-funūn”, by its author, Muṣṭafā b. ‘Abd Allāh al-Qasṭanṭīnī al-‘Uthmānī, renowned as Kâtip Çelebi and as Ḥājī Khalīfah (1017-1067AH), is considered the largest bibliographical and encyclopaedic lexicon in the author’s era.

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Ottoman Scientific Heritage

This book is a key historical reference, indispensable source, and significant novel contribution. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a gem among Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation’s prized publications, as it covers an important period in the history of Islamic heritage, hitherto neglected by most historians of the sciences.
The book presents the finest of Ottoman scientific heritage, revealing achievements in science and civilisation, and contributions to the cumulative human heritage, secured under the patronage of the Ottoman State throughout its six centuries of history.

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The Jurisprudence of the Ummah's Interests; From Individual to Public Interests

(An Approach based on the Objectives of Islamic Law)

By Abdennour Baza


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The Ummah and its Civilisational Identity

The Components and Challenges

By Esam Ahmed El-Bashir

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The Objectives of Endowments of Manuscripts and Libraries in Islamic Civilisation

From Jurisprudence to Contemporary Intellectual Property Laws

This lecture reveals the role of waqf endowments in contributing to preserving heritage manuscripts and libraries. It assumes that the objectives for endowing manuscripts and libraries as waqf in Islamic civilisation are embodied in four higher aims....

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Selected Articles

In line with our aim to make our New Website more content driven, we have uploaded a number of selected articles extracted from some of our prominent publications.

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National Days and our "World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts"

To highlight each country's Islamic written heritage, we will be celebrating the National Days, by providing an insight into their Islamic manuscript collections.
Namely, on the occasion of the National Day of each particular country, we will publish an interactive summary of the country's surveyed Islamic manuscripts collection, with key facts and figures from the Foundation's published “World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts” (1994) , the only and unique survey to date.

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Our e-database is an open access platform with a search tool that encompasses a wealth of scholarship on the Islamic written heritage. It offers a continuously growing repository of bibliographic information about manuscripts and manuscript collections worldwide, inviting users to delve into a wide range of sources, including published and unpublished catalogues of Islamic manuscript from over 106 countries, an unprecedented, comprehensive bibliography within the field of the objectives of Islamic law (Maqāsid al-Sharīah), and access to our reference library with specialised collections in a range of languages.

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