The Noble Qur’ān from Revelation to Compilation (3)

By Various ContributorsEdited by Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation

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This book presents the proceedings of the Tenth Conference in the field of manuscripts, titled “The Noble Qur’ān from Revelation to Compilation”, in its third version. This was organised by Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation through the Centre for the Study of Islamic Manuscripts, and held on Monday, 7 November 2022 (12 Rabī‘ al-Thānī 1444AH) in Rabat City.

The third and final version of the Conference was organised given the subject matter’s importance and the need for further, in-depth examination to conclude the associated areas of enquiry, given the breadth, branching, and expansive nature of the topics encompassed. Indeed, reflecting the Foundation’s effort to defend the holiest and dearest book to the Muslim nation, namely the Noble Qur’ān, and to respond scientifically to the spurious claims raised around it.

In this book, the reader will find topics of critical importance, and scientific academic papers; such as:

- The most pristine proofs on the history of transcription of the Noble Qur’ān verses

- The transport from Makkah to Madinah of parchments on which Qur’ān revealed in Makkah was written: A critical, analytical study

- The total number of Qur’ān verses following the Makkan method of counting and its relationship to individual word variants (farsh) in the Qur’ān canonical readings: an inductive, analytical study

- The order of revelation of Qur’ān chapters (sūrah)  and verses between narration (riwāyah) and creative reasoning (ijtihād)

- The forms of verse and chapter endings (fawāṣil) in early Qur’ān codices: a technical study

- “Scribe errors”: the reports relating to Ibn ‘Abbās’ contentions of errors by the scribes of ‘Uthmān’s Qur’ān codex in light of archaic Quranic manuscripts

- Angelika Neufert’s orientalist postulations and the Qur’ān recitation (tartīl)


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