The number of Islamic manuscripts and their location...

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It is estimated that three million Islamic manuscripts survive today. Islamic manuscripts are to be found not only in every Islamic country and in countries with large Islamic minorities, such as India, the Soviet Union and China, but also throughout Europe and the Americas, as well as in Japan, Australia and some non-Muslim African countries. There are very few countries in the world in which there are not at least some Islamic manuscripts. These are normally held either in private collections or public libraries. They are always highly valued by their holders. Some private holders may remain unaware of the value of what they have in their collections; yet they are often reluctant or unwilling to share information. It should be said that manuscripts could range from text books to voluminous works by distinguished scholars. Therefore, Al-Furqan, beside its tireless work in cataloguing the manuscripts, has embarked on a project to establish the largest online Islamic heritage repository.

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