The objectives of Sharī'ah...

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The study of the philosophy of Islamic law, especially its maqāșid (objectives, purposes, goals, intents and underlying principles) is a pre-requisite to understanding the Qur'ān and the prophetic tradition, and to developing the Islamic law in a way that achieves common good for Muslims and protects them from harm. For that purpose, Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation established the Centre for the Study of the Philosophy of Islamic Law. The founding seminar of the Centre took place in March 2005, in London, and included distinguished scholars and dignitaries. The Centre aims to broaden the horizons of knowledge for students of Islamic studies and encourages studies and research which contribute to the Islamic philosophy of law. It also aims to revitalise the knowledge of maqāșid and to expand the scientific and intellectual interest in the philosophy of Islamic Law, in order to exceed the frame of Islamic fiqh and its fundamental theory (ușūl), to also include the other Islamic, social and humanitarian sciences in general. The Centre works in spreading the idea of maqāșid (objectives of Shari’ah) through seminars, lectures, training courses, as well as through publication of books that deal with the subject of the philosophy of Islamic law. To date, it has published more than twenty titles on different subjects.

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