Training Course on Cataloguing

Aleppo, Syria
Manuscript Centre Training Courses
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The Seventh Training Course on Cataloguing took place from 7th to 25th November 2008, in Aleppo, Syria.

Ibrahim Chabbouh in a group photo with the participants of the training course

36 participants from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq completed the course, which was organised by Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation and hosted by the Waqfiyah Library (Al-Maktaba al-Waqfiyya).

In addition to the theoretical part, all Al-Furqan cataloguing courses include a strong practical component. The Aleppo training course was no exception and contained a series of workshops conducted by distinguished scholars.

Group picture of participants and tutors of the training course during the graduation ceremony

High quality was ensured in all the individual items of the course. This was guaranteed by engaging top scholars and experts from all over the world, who brought together a wealth of experience that was both specialised and comprehensive.

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