Training Course on Cataloguing

Cairo, Egypt
Manuscript Centre Training Courses
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On the occasion of the Agreement with the National Library of Egypt on cataloguing its manuscripts collections, Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation organized a special training course, with a focus on the practical aspects of cataloguing manuscripts, tackling the difficulties and challenges faced by the cataloguers during the cataloguing process.

The training course took place from 5th until 11th November 2007 and was attended by 25 cataloguers, working in the Manuscript’s Department of the National Library of Egypt (Qism al-Makhtutat bi Dar al-Kutub al-Misriyya), the Centre for Editing Texts (Markaz Tahqiq al-Nusus), the Library of the Ministry of Endowments (Maktabat Wizarat al-Awqaf), the Sayyida Zaynab Library, the Institute of Egyptian Manuscripts (Ma’had al-Makhtutat al-Misriyya), as well as other Egyptian heritage institutions.

Eminent professors in all disciplines in the sciences of manuscripts taught in this course, among who was Professor Abdul-Sattar al-Halwagi, Professor Ayman Fouad Sayyid, Professor Isam al-Shanti, Dr Walid al-Ghali, Dr Mohammad Hilmi Ibrahim and Dr Aws al-Ansari.

After the training course, a selected group of cataloguers started the cataloguing process of the manuscripts collections of ‘Raseed al-Dar’ within the National Library of Egypt (Dar al-Kutub al-Misriyya).

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