Editing Arabic and Islamic Manuscripts

Cairo, Egypt
Manuscript Centre Training Courses
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Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation in co-operation with the Faculty of Dar al-Uloom at Cairo University organized a training course on editing Arabic and Islamic manuscripts, the first training course of its kind within the frame of our Foundation’s activities.

The aim of this course was to prepare qualified cadres who could revive the Islamic heritage on scientific and methodological basis.

The training course took place in the period between 28th February and 28th May 2008 and was attended by more than 37 participants, working in the field of editing.

Eminent professors in all disciplines in the sciences of manuscripts taught in this course, including: Professor Abdul-Sattar al-Halwagi, Professor Ayman Fouad Sayyid, Professor Hasan al-Shafe’i, Professor Isam al-Shanti, Professor Abdul-Hamid Madkour, Professor Husain Nassar, etc.

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