Human Rights in Islam

London, UK
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In addition to shedding light on the reality of the principles of the human rights in Islam, the Foundation organised a symposium, which took place in London, between 26th and 28th April 1999, discussing the nature of human rights in Islam, including presentations on crucial social, political, cultural and religious perceptions and notions.

His Excellency listening to Sheikh Al-Boutti's contribution

Papers, such as “Human Rights in Social Solidarity” by Professor Mohammad Amara, “Public Rights and Freedoms in Islam” by Professor Ahmad Farraj, “The Position of International Organisations Towards the State Crimes Against Humanity from an Islamic Perspective” by Professor Shokri al-Daqqaq, “Health is a Human Right” by Professor Mohammad Haytham al-Khayyat, “The Rights of non-Muslims in Islamic Society” by Fahmi Howaidi, “Equality between Women and Men in Islam” by Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani and “Organising the Defence of Human Rights” by Professor Mohammad Salim al-Awwa were presented during the nine panels throughout the three days of the symposium.

Group picture of the scholars & professors who participated in the symposium

The symposium concluded that much of what is known in the west as Human Rights is embedded within the basic duties of Islamic faith.

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