Omission in Legislation and Obligation

Sharjah, UAE
Lectures Maqasid Centre
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During the thirtieth session of the Sharjah International Book Fair, the Maqasid Centre of Al-Furqān organised a public lecture entitled “Omission in Legislation and Obligation”, delivered by Professor Abdul-Wahhab Abu Sulaiman.

Professor Abdul-Wahhab Abu Sulaiman

Professor Abu Sulaiman discussed the reasons for the omission of some legal questions in Islam and referred to the scholars’ opinions on the question why Allah and his Messenger chose to not address some matters directly. In his lecture, Professor Abu Sulaiman also tackled the maqāsid (purposes) in omission (al-tark). He mentioned that it was well known that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had rulings which were not applied on his community.

Moreover, whenever the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) set aside any legislative matters, it was evident that he wanted such matters to be examined by learned members of the community. Earlier, on the day of the lecture, Professor Abu Sulaiman met with many readers and visitors, during a book signing ceremony, in which he signed his book (the published lecture).

The lecture and the book signing ceremony took place on 20th November 2011.  

Professor Abdul-Wahhab Abu Sulaiman during the book signing of his published lecture

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