Purposes of Islamic Voluntary Work – A Comparative Study of Civility

Cairo, Egypt
Lectures Maqasid Centre
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Dr. Ibrahim al-Bayoumi Ghanem

This is the 7th lecture in the Lecture Series of the Maqasid Centre of Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation. The lecture was presented by Dr. Ibrahim al-Bayoumi Ghanem, in the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt, on the 4th of May 2008, and it was the first outcome of a Co-operation Agreement between the Al-Maqasid Research Centre of Al-Furqan and Cairo University’s new Research Centre on Studies on Civilisations and Cultural Dialogue.

In this lecture, Dr. Ghanem took quite a creative approach in attempting to realise the purposes of the Islamic law in the new non-traditional area of the study of civil society and volunteerism. He also took an interesting approach in comparing the philanthropy in the Islamic and western civilisations, past and present, in order to prove the distinctiveness of the Islamic approach when it comes to civil society values and activism.

A number of Cairo University faculty members and students attended this lecture, in addition to a number of scholars and researchers from outside the university.

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