Terrorism: Its Roots, Types and Remedies

London, UK
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This symposium, organised by Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation in London, between 11th and 13th of March 2004, aimed to identify the issues of violence and terrorism affiliated with political Islam.

The presenters at the conference explored the ideological roots of Salafism; a precise classification of the Islamic movements and its relationship with violence; the Egyptian violent groups associated with Islam; the Islamic political violence in Maghreb in the last quarter century; as well as terrorism and its repercussions in the global arena.

Among the participants in this symposium were: Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Professor Mohammad Salim al-Awwa, Shaykh Rashed al-Ghannouchi, Pofessor Qadri Hafni, Professor Basheer Moussa Nafi’, Dr Diya Rashwan, Mr Faysal Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Eng. Abu al-Ala Madi and Mr Mohammad al-Sammak.

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