The Public Interest in the Term of the Purposes of Islamic Law – a Functional Vision

Sharjah, UAE
Lectures Maqasid Centre
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Professor Mohammad Kamal Imam

The lecture took place on Friday 18th November 2011, at the thirtieth session of the Sharjah International Book Fair.

Professor Mohammad Kamal Imam was introduced by Professor Majed Abdullah Bochlebi, Secretary General of the Sharjah Islamic Forum, who also provided an overview of the lecture and a short biography about the lecturer.

Professor Imam discussing the significance of maqāsid (objectives) in the modern world

Professor Imam discussed the significance of maqāsid (objectives) in the modern world, where people are constantly faced with challenging situations, and matters which are not covered by existing laws, and, therefore, necessitate jurisprudential reasoning in the light of maqāsid al-shari‘a (the objectives of Islamic law). He stated that maqāsid are part of usul (the principles of law) which also includes theories of evidence and rulings. Maqāsid are central to the study of law.

As the lecture was published in a book, Al-Furqan organised a book signing ceremony, during which the author signed his book and had the chance to meet with many readers and visitors.

Professor Mohamed Kamal Imam at the book signing of his published lecture

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