Ghazi Husrev Beg Library

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On 24th January 2002, Al-Furqān Foundation hosted a ceremony in Eagle House, its former London headquarters, to honour the scholars who had catalogued the collection of the Ghazi Husrev Beg Library in Sarajevo. An Award for Distinguished Work in the Field of Islamic Manuscripts was presented to them in appreciation of their valuable efforts to protect Islamic manuscripts and of their work in cataloguing the Library's collection of Arabic, Turkish, Bosnian and Persian manuscripts. The scholars honoured were: Dr Mustafa Jahic (Director of the Library), Zejnil Fajic, Dr Fehim Nametak, Haso Popara and the late Kasim Dobraca, compiler of the first two volumes of the Library's catalogue.

The Foundation's Chairman, Sheikh Yamani, spoke about Islamic manuscripts in Bosnia and praised the work of Dr Jahic and his team of scholars. Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoğlu then talked about the Islamic heritage in the Balkans, the cultural significance of the Ghazi Husrev Beg Library and the efforts being made there to protect manuscripts through cataloguing and imaging projects. Sheikh Yamani proceeded to present the award to Dr Mustafa Jahic, and to his colleagues who attended the celebration. 

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