National Day of Brazil

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7th September: National Day of Brazil

A brief about Brazil’s Islamic written heritage

Among the 106 countries included in the “World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts” (the flagship project undertaken by Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation between the years 1989 – 1994) was Brazil.

Brazil’s Islamic written heritage was surveyed in 1989, by Roberto Bartholo

This survey brought to light a wealth of information about the Country’s collections of Islamic manuscripts, by indicating: the cities and libraries that hold these manuscripts, the approximate number of manuscripts within each collection, the subjects and languages in which they are written, the conditions in which they are and whether they have been catalogued and studied, the particular significant manuscripts which they contain, etc.

According to this Survey, Brazil about 30 manuscripts, held in Arquivo Público do Estado da Bahia in the city of Salvador. The documents, written in Arabic, have religious contents, including transcriptions of parts of the Qurʾan, invocations and prayers, as well as handwriting exercises.‎

The Meeting of Waters is the confluence between the dark Rio Negro and the pale sandy-coloured Amazon River, referred to as the Solimões River in Brazil upriver of this confluence.
Source note:
This information was published in the following book:
“World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts” (English version), 1997-2002, Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation, London, UK, Vol. 1, pp. 111-114.

Please note that some of the images used in this online version might not be part of the published version of this article within the respective book.

The data figures, the names, and other details are overall reflecting those of the time when the Survey was conducted.

Important note:
The Foundation is striving to update these details in progress; and, Your help in this regard would be much appreciated.

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