Agreement of Understanding and co-operation with the International Moderation Forum

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Mr Marwan Al-Faouri and Mr Sali Shahsivari

Given both organisations’ belief in the importance of cementing the ties of co-operation and exchanging scientific experiences, with the objective of achieving their common goals of reinforcing the Islamic values derived from the civilisational dimension of the Muslim nation and reviving the jurisprudence (fiqh) of maqāṣid, in addition to collaboration in organising conferences and seminars in the field of Philosophy of Islamic Law, the two organisations signed an agreement of co-operation and understanding at the headquarters of the International Moderation Forum, on Thursday, 18th September 2014.

The agreement covered jointly organising conferences, seminars, and workshops, exchanging different scientific publications, and each party inviting the other to attend its conferences and seminars.

Subsequently, the Secretary-General of the International Moderation Forum presented the Forum’s honorary shield to Mr Sali Shahsivari, Managing Director of Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation, and Mr Mohammed Drioueche, Head of the Projects and Publications Department at Al-Furqān Foundation.

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