Memorandum of Understanding between the Al-Furqan Foundation and Suhayl journal 

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On Monday 12 February 2024, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation (AIHF) and the International Journal for the History of the Exact and Natural Sciences in Islamic Societies (Suhayl), which is published by the University of Barcelona, Spain.

This MoU comes with the aim to broaden the cooperation between Al-Furqan and Suhayl; a collaboration which has started several years ago, mainly through supporting the publication of the Suhayl journal.

The cooperation involves collaboration between AIHF and Suhayl in the following spheres:

  • Exchange of visits 
  • Participating in events organised by the other party
  • Cooperation in organising joint projects, activities and events 
  • Exchange of publications 
  • Enriching the content of Suhayl, such as by publishing more reviews about Al-Furqan publications related to the History of Exact and Natural Sciences in Islamic Civilisation 
  • Hosting some /or all the Suhayl articles on Al-Furqan website (by referring to the source); or, at least, establish an inter-linking between Al-Furqan Website / E-Database and the Suhayl Website / E-Database / Electronic platform. 
  • Continue the support for the publication of the Suhayl journal. 
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