Maqāṣid Rules

By Ahmed al-Raissouni
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This book represents a novel addition to the Maqāṣid library especially, and the Islamic law library in general. It is an important reference work and indispensable source, benefiting researchers in the Islamic law sciences domains, the experts and practitioners in Islamic law objectives and those knowledgeable in its original sources and illuminating keys as well as those engaged in pursuing renewal and originality.

The book, MaqāṣidRules, draws attention to a vital matter, in that Islamic law objectives and their universal significances are not mere loose generalities, open to interpretation, colouring, and shaping in any way, and made to fit whatever trend or mood is prevailing. Rather, Islamic law objectives are crystal clear and permanent, governed by principles and rules that are a combination of the robustness befitting objectives, with the flexibility warranted in application.

The book discusses eighty rules governing Islamic law objectives; the author presents each rule’s context, definition, explanation, and evidences. He then concludes by elucidating the rule through illustrative applied examples, addressing contemporary reality and its actual challenges, extracted from the Noble Qur’ān or Prophetic Sunnah.

In the rules presented in this book, the esteemed reader will find unmatched treasures and gems mined from the principles, philosophy, and governing rules of Islamic law.Furthermore, it exposes the reader tothe application of these rules, which serves to clearly demonstrate their broad scope and inclusiveness, qualifying them to meet all our contemporary needs in renewal and creative juristic effort (ijtihād).

This book is perhaps the best answer to the fears expressed in some quarters regarding the increasing use of Islamic law objectives in rational theorising and creative juristic effort. The author has mostly evidenced from the text of the Noble Qur’ān and Prophetic Sunnah, and then referred to the work of leading Imāms and erudite scholars, whether in deriving rules or their jurisprudence; indeed, the process of rules development and the rules are of their making, and applications are from their jurisprudence or following their juristic approach. In this way, he provides a methodological example in the implementation of objectives; one distinguished by originality and balance, and exploring the horizons of renewal and creative juristic effort.


تقديم الشيخ أحمد زكي يماني

مقدمة الكتاب

الباب الأول: قواعد المصالح ومكانتها في مقاصد الشريعة

الباب الثاني: قواعد في التزكية والصلاح الإنساني

الباب الثالث: قواعد في السياسة الشرعية

الباب الرابع: قواعد الموازنة والترجيح بين المصالح

الباب الخامس: قواعد في المشقة والتيسير

الباب السادس: قواعد الوسائل

الباب السابع: قواعد مقاصد المكلفين

الباب الثامن: قواعد الاجتهاد المقاصدي

الباب التاسع: قواعد الكشف عن المقاصد 

قائمة المصادر والمراجع 

كشاف المصطلحات

كشاف العناوين 

كشاف المؤلفين

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