The Critical Edition of Texts between Different Narrations, the Importance of Auditions, and Multiple Versions

By Bashar Awwad Marouf
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This book addresses three very thorny issues, where the author, Professor Bashar Awwad Marouf, was successful in providing effective solutions to these complex problems. These problematic issues are:
First: differences in book order and content between narrators of books authored in the second and third Hijri centuries; this despite the author being one and the same, and the narrators being his most trustworthy and competent students. Professor Marouf attempted to explain this phenomenon in the authorship movement of Muslim Arabs, and elucidate its reasons, and outcomes. He presented the “Muwaṭṭa’ ” of Imām Mālik b. Anas (d. 179AH / 795CE) as an example.
Second: examining the importance of the auditions recorded on the handwritten copies by eminent scholars, and whether these confer extra weight to the manuscript copy in terms of correctness of the information within, as well as determining its position vis-à-vis other copies, whether superior or otherwise. In addition, exploring the difference between audition of books by scholars, and a scholar reading and then adding commentary to a book, whether to correct or signal disagreement; and the resulting benefits of both these actions.
Third: the ways of dealing with the multiple versions of the same book in the process of conducting critical edition, and the best approach to be adopted.


تقديم معالي الشيخ أحمد زكي يماني
المبحث الأول: اختلاف روايات النص الواحد وأسبابها
أهمية الموطأ
اختلاف ترتيب الكتب
اختلاف الموطآت
باب النفقة في القراض
المبحث الثاني: أهمية السماعات المدونة على المخطوطات
أهمية السماعات
المبحث الثالث: تعدد الإبرازات
صور الإبرازات
أولًا: المسوّدة والمبيضة
ثانيًا: المبيضة ثانية
ثالثًا: الحذف من النسخة والزيادة عليها
رابعًا: النسخة المَزِيدة المُعَدّلة
خامسًا: إعادة صياغة النص

About the Author(s)

Professor Bashar Awad Marouf

Bashar Awad Marouf was born on 4 September 1940 in Alazamiyah, Baghdad, where he attended primary and secondary school. He graduated from the Department of History at the Faculty of Arts in 1964, followed by a Masters in 1967, and then a PhD in 1976 from Baghdad University, receiving his professorship in 1981.

Professor Marouf taught at the Faculty of Sharī‘ah, Baghdad University, from 1967 to 1970, then the Faculty of Arts from 1970 to 1988. He then founded and headed the Islamic University in Baghdad from 1989 to 1992. In late 1992, he moved to Jordan, and in the period 1992 to 2012, taught at Amman University, Al-Balqa Applied University, the World Islamic Sciences and Education University, and the Jordanian University. Subsequently, he served as adviser to HRH Prince Ali bin Nayef Al-Hashemi in the Hashemite Royal Court from 2012 to 2017.

Professor Marouf was elected as member of a number of distinguished bodies, namely the Iraqi Science Academy (al-Majma‘ al-‘Ilmī al-‘Irāqī) in 1985, the Jordanian Arabic Language Academy (Majma‘ al-Lughah al-‘Arabiyyah al-Urdunī) in 1988, the Royal Academy (al-Majma‘ al-Malakī) in 1988, and the Arabic Language Academy in Damascus (Majma‘ al-Lughah al-‘Arabiyyah bi Dimashq) in 2002. Professor Marouf has also been garlanded with numerous prizes and awards, most recently, the international King Faisal Prize in Islamic Studies for 2018CE/1439AH.

He has authored numerous books, 18 titles in total—most prominently, “the Classified and Verified Musnad (al-Musnad al-muṣanaf al-mu‘allal)” comprising 41 volumes, and critically edited 38 books, adding up to more than 230 volumes.


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