The Journey of Muħammad Al-Jūdī (Muftī of Kairouan) to Ħajj

including a notebook with his study achievements and transmissions (Ijāzāt)

By Muħammad Ibn Muħammad Šāliħ Al-Jūdī al QayrawānīCritically edited by Al-Mahdi Eid al-Rawadieh
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This invaluable book provides numerous benefits; it is a travel memoir, where the author, al-Shaykh Al-Jūdī, performed the Islamic obligation of pilgrimage to Makkah for the first time. He recorded his journey using some of the more modern modes of transport of the time, such as the train and the steamboat. Thus, his journey is an example of the last of the traditional journeys.
In addition, the book is a reference for Islamic scholars and chains of narration (isnād), compendium of transmissions (ijāzāt), and book of biographies. Muftī Al-Jūdī included in this work a veritable who’s who of many eminent persons residing in the area of Hijaz, including those who recently moved and settled in Makkah and Madinah in the early 20th Century, originating from the Egyptian, Levantine, Iraqi, Maghrebi, Indian lands, and elsewhere.
The book is also a catalogue of heritage, where the author tracked down some of the manuscript compiled works and books that he perused in the libraries of Arif Hikmet Bey and al-Maḥmǖdiyyah.
The book also sheds light on aspects of the thriving scholarly scene in Makkah and Madinah, due to the large numbers of scholars travelling there, both to reside next to the holy sites, and also to acquire further knowledge. This resulted in lively scientific meetings, and scholarly encounters rich in discussion, debate, and study, with due attention to holding sessions for poetry and panegyrics of the Noble Prophet, and readings from Dalā’il al-khayrāt and al-Burdah.


تقديم الشيخ أحمد زكي يماني
مقدّمة التحقيق
مطلع الرحّلة
دفتر الشهّادات بالجامع الأعْظَم
ثبت الإجازات
ثبت المصادر والمراجع
الفهارس العامّة
فهرس المحتو يات التفصيلي


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By Muħammad Ibn Muħammad Šāliħ Al-Jūdī al Qayrawānī

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