The Jurisprudence of the Ummah's Interests (From Individual to Public Interests)

An Approach based on the Objectives of Islamic Law

By Abdennour Baza
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This book on Islamic law objectives (maqāṣid) is considered of special importance and distinctive value; a treasured gem, valuable aid, and a new, worthwhile building block in the grand Islamic law objectives edifice, due to its coverage of beneficial and novel matters. Most prominently, shifting juristic rational consideration from the current excessive focus on individual interests (sing. maṣlaḥah fardiyyah) to the deservedly higher plane of addressing public interests (sing. maṣlaḥah ‘āmah), through processes of: referral to the principal sources (ta’ṣīl), theory building, application, activation, and fitting to novel cases (tanzīl). This shift is manifested in the resumption of objectives-based creative juristic effort (ijtihād) in the domain of public interests, in a way that expresses its civilising, developmental dimensions in all intellectual, edification, social, economic, political, and civilisational fields. It also aims to reshape the contemporary Muslim mind into an objectives-based intellect, replete with the logic of public benefit, in everything it considers, resolves, and manages. Indeed, the book strives to present to public opinion, the objectives-based, public interests-based perspective, which embraces values honouring and elevating the human being in the field of “human rights, civil liberties, social justice, and human dignity…”, to indicate the degree of its superiority over man-made viewpoints in their diverse ideological persuasions; a superiority that convinces those considering it—in their differing races and affiliations—to wish to live under its shade. Ultimately, the book strives to simplify the objectives-based discourse on the issues and treatment of public affairs, to bring it within grasp of the general public, in understanding and fitting to novel cases. The layperson should find it accessible, perusing it without hesitation, and engaging with it positively, personally and in his society at large.


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