The Objectives of Qurʾānic Verses

Between the General Meaning of the Word and the Specific Reason of Revelation

By Ahmed al-Raissouni
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This book’s subject matter is located within this specific perspective of applying objectives, and is titled “Objectives (maqāṣid) of Qurʾān verses between the general meaning of the word (‘umūm al-lafẓ) and the specific reason of revelation (khuṣūṣ al-sabab)”.
The author discusses the question of “Qurʾān verse objectives between the general meaning of the word and the specific reason and context of Revelation” in its intricacies and disparate elements. He applies his signature approach of depth and reflection, navigating the broad subject matter with insight and application, weighing up pros and cons, applying a critical approach and creative initiative, striving to combine the approaches of establishing effective cause and application. At each stage, Dr Raissouni supports his robust scientific treatment, with convincing and suitable explanatory examples.
The author pays special attention to the content, dimensions, and limits of the legal theory rule, “consideration is to the general meaning of the word (‘umūm al-lafẓ), and not the specific reason for Revelation (khuṣūṣ al-sabab)”. The aim being to properly understand it, as it is quite critically, a finely balanced formula, where inclination to any one side – through ignorance or negligence – leads to error in understanding the Islamic legal ruling. Even established legal theory studies have rarely addressed this rule. In addition, Dr Raisssouni pays special attention to both “generality of expression (‘umūm al-lafẓ) and generality of intent (‘umūm al-qaṣd)” and the “reasons and contexts for Revelation (asbāb al-nuzūl)”.


تقديم معالي الشيخ أحمد زكي يماني


مسائل البحث وإشكالاته

المسألة الأولى: العبرة بعموم اللفظ لا بخصوص السبب

المسألة الثانية: بين عموم اللفظ وعموم القصد

المسألة الثالثة: أسباب النزول، أهميتها وأثرها

الفوائد العامة لأسباب النزول

قضايا الأعيان، هل توجد في القرآن؟


المصادر والمراجع

التعقيب على البحث


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