Editing Islamic Manuscripts on Social Sciences and Humanities

(Research articles)

By Various Contributors
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The lectures in this book include in-depth discussions revolving around defining the concept of editing manuscripts, and specifying the relevant approaches in the discipline of humanities, as well as the technologies available for resurrecting and restoring lost texts. Some studies discussed the importance of codicology and its fine practical applications that are a critical aid to the editor, while providing a model for the codicological treatment of Arabic and Syriac philosophical manuscripts. The reader will find revelations regarding new facts in this area, such as the finding that there is no disparity between Ibn Khaldūn’s reasoning in the Muqadimmah, and his reasoning in al-ʿIbbar, based on different interpretations of possible meanings of the text. The majority of studies were concerned with reviewing the editing practice in many areas of the Islamic heritage, such as theology and Sufism. Some gave reasons for revising editions of previously published manuscripts in geography and Sufism, such as Muʿjam mā istaʿjam, and al-Futūḥāt al-Makkiyyah, etc., while other studies presented surveys of the practice of critical editing of manuscripts around the world, such as in Bosnia-Herzegovina.



H.E. Shaykh Ahmed Zaki Yamani

On a new critical edition of Abū ‘ubayd al-Bakri’s book, “Mu‘jam mā ista‘jam”

Abdullah Yusuf al-Ghunaim

Ibn Khaldūn’s classification of eras in Islamic history and other matters

Ibrahim Chabbouh

Critical Edition and publication of Manuscripts on Sufism: with special attention to al-Futūḥāt al-Makkiyah 

Abdelhamid Abdelmoneim Madkour

The Art of Critical Edition of Written Heritage: A Fundamental Study 

Mohamed Elsayed Elgelined

Methodologies in Critical Edition of Manuscripts in the Humanities

Bashar Awwad Marouf

The Critical Edition of Manuscripts in Sciences of Theology (‘Ilm al-Kalām): Errors and Categories 

Khalid Zahri

The Methodologies of Critical Edition in the Social Sciences: Reconstructing Lost Ancient Texts - Sources of Egyptian History as Examples

Ayman Fuad Sayyid

Codicology: A First and Essential Step in the Process of Critical Edition 

Ahmed Chouqui Binbine

A Glimpse into Critical Studies of Islamic Manuscripts in Social Sciences and Humanities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Enes Karić

The project “Philosophy in Context: Arabic and Syriac manuscripts in the Mediterranean (PhiC)”: methodology and first results

Maroun Aouad


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