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The Centre for the Study of Islamic Manuscripts


Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation’s key objective is to document the vast Islamic written heritage-Islamic manuscripts in particular, exploring the means to catalogue, conserve and preserve this heritage, and to facilitate access, critical editing, studying and publishing using scientific methods.

For that, The Foundation has opened a projects’ section on its website that allows researchers to send their proposed projects in the field of Islamic manuscripts, provided that it covers one of the following themes:

Special projects at the Centre for the Study of Islamic Manuscripts

  • Research Project on Codicology
  • Project on Cataloguing Manuscripts
  • Project on Editing Manuscripts in the following fields:
    • The Qurʾān and its Disciplines 
    • Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and its Principles 
    • History 
    • Sciences
You are kindly requested to download the form of the proposed project corresponding to one of the subjects on the list above and send it along with pertinent files - including the CV of the applicant and other relevant material to:
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