The Significance of Islamic Manuscripts

Proceedings of the inaugural conference of Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation, 30th November - 1st December 1991 - English version

By Various ContributorsEdited by John cooper
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This book comprises the proceedings of the inaugural conference of Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation. The book includes papers on topics related to the Islamic manuscripts and constitutes a first contribution to the preservation and cataloguing of Islamic manuscripts that are spread across the world.
The first papers look at the Islamic written heritage in general. The second part of the book looks at Islamic manuscripts in specific geographical locations. The third and last part of the book considers specialist topics in the Islamic sciences.



Inaugural Address, by Ahmed Zaki Yamani

General Papers

Manuscripts in Historical Research and Text Edition,

by Wilfred F.Madelung

The Significance of Islamic Manuscripts,

by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Geographical Papers

Persian Manuscripts with Specil Reference to Iran,

by Īraj Afshā

Collections of Islamic Manuscripts in  the Former Soviet Union

And their Cataloguing,

by Anas Baqi Khalidov

Islamic Manuscripts in the West,

by Angelo Michele Piemontese

Turkish Manuscripts and the Publication of their Catalogues,

by Ramazan Şeṣen

Individual Subject Papers

Classification of Andalusian and Maghribī Books of Nawāzil

From the Middle of the Fifth to the End of the Ninth Century AH,

by Muḥammad al-Ḥabīb al-Hīlah

A Study on the Manuscripts Translation of the Holy Qur’ān,

by Ekmeleddin Ihsanoğlu

Manuscripts in the History of Makkah and Madīnah,

by Ḥamad al-Jāsir

Some Remarks on Islamic Scientific Manuscripts and 

Instruments, and Past, Present, and Future Research,

by David A. King

Islamic Philosophical Manuscripts,

by Mehdi Mohaghghegh

Rare Literary Manuscripts in the Library of ‘‘Abd al-Qādir


by ‘Abdul Aziz Ahmed al-Rifai

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